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View Article  Post your car boot finds
I would like to hear about your favorite car boot finds, so please post away.

It was my birthday last Friday, creeping towards halfway to being an antique myself. I suppose looking on the bright side that makes me highly collectible (makes note to inform husband of increased value and desirability). So I have decided to share some of my enthusiasms and manias for things antique with the wider world. Hopefully other like minded (impoverished) collectors and dealers will join in with their own news and views.

Like many people I started off collecting and only started selling when space became a serious issue. I tried moving to a larger house, but that soon filled up too. So there was nothing for it but to get retailing, now I sell on eBay, my own website and and in a cabinet at an Antiques centre (as well as my day job - working 7 days a week wasn't on my list when I started collecting - but that's how it's turned out).

I can't resist the thrill of the chase, buying is very addictive and arriving home with the goodies and getting all my books out to research an elusive item keeps me busy for hours at a time. There is nothing like that eureka moment when you finally find the picture you knew you'd seen and you can put the right name to the right piece.

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